About us

The Union of dairy enterprises of Ukraine was established in 2001, when the Billa retail chain, after successful operation in 2000, tried to impose discriminatory terms of cooperation for 2001. Five processing companies OJSC “Galakton”, OJSC “Svyatoshyno”, OJSC “Yagotynsky Butter Plant”, OJSC “Pavlograd Milk Plant”, CJSC “Kupyansk Milk Cannery” signed a joint memorandum on the impossibility of fulfilling the conditions of the Billa retail chain. After 2 months of negotiations, the Billa retail chain signed all the conditions that were proposed by milk processing plants.

The official registration of Ukrainian Union of dairy enterprises was adopted on 20 September 2001.

The founders of the Union are 19 business entities. The Union includes milk processing enterprises and companies with foreign and domestic capital, manufacturers of equipment, packaging, ingredients for the dairy industry and others.

The task of the Union is to develop the Ukrainian dairy industry, solve the problems of the dairy industry, protect the interests of participants in state management bodies, participate in the development and implementation of programs for the dairy industry development, improve the regulatory framework, create fair competition in the consumer market, increase the production of competitive products.

The Board of Directors of the Union adopted the “Code of Conduct for members of the Ukrainian Union of Dairy Enterprises”, which was approved by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

The governing body of the Union is the Board of directors, which reviews current industry issues on a quarterly basis.

The executive body is the Union’s Directorate. Every year the Union’s Directorate reports to all participants on the performance of work and determines perspectives for the next year.